Dustin Pedroia made three consecutive All-Star teams from 2008-10. At the time, it seemed that the Red Sox second baseman could safely be penciled into the American League lineup each summer. While Pedroia remained productive, he was left off the All-Star roster for two years before returning to the squad this season. “I don’t really think about it,” Pedroia said at Citi Field before last night’s Home Run Derby. “I’m focused every day on trying to help us win games. I try to play well every day. If I make the All-Star team, it’s an honor and I’m really excited. If I don’t, I’m just trying to help the Red Sox win games.” The Sox have done that better than any team in the first half, winning a majors-best 58 games. Pedroia has been in the middle of the team’s success, posting a .316 batting average and 56 RBI from the third spot in the lineup. “When we got to spring training, that was our goal — to show up every day and try to win a game,” Pedroia said. “I think if you have that approach day in and day out, hopefully you win more games than you lose. We’ve been doing that.” The Sox’ turnaround after last season’s dismal last-place finish was a common topic as Pedroia met with reporters from around the league. “We’re just playing better,” Pedroia said. “There’s no secret. We’ve pitched well, our offense has been great all year, we’ve played good defense. Guys have gotten hurt and other guys have stepped up. It’s been a team effort to get to where we are. We’ve just got to keep it going.”