Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s five-year disassociation ban from the school expired Tuesday, meaning Pryor can now return to and associate with his alma mater. Pryor was given a notice by Buckeyes’ athletic director Gene Smith on July 26, 2011 saying the school could not associate with the former quarterback. Pryor was a part of a group of players that violated NCAA rules and later cost the school a postseason appearance in 2012. Since the ban was put in, Pryor has not been able to return to the Columbus campus to do things such as watch Ohio State football games and practice in the Buckeyes’ facilities during the NFL offseason. However, Pryor was able to return to Ohio Stadium in 2015. As a member of the Cleveland Browns, Pryor joined the team as it held a scrimmage in the home of the Buckeyes. The scrimmage was a loophole of sorts for Pryor, and he was able to be in his old stadium and sign autographs for fans following the game.