Kevin Durant isn’t worried about any personal awards. In fact, he doesn’t need anything for validation. Of course, his Golden State Warriors are favorites to win another NBA title. And, Durant is an MVP winner in his own right. But he doesn’t need to be, according to him. “Awards don’t mean anything, for one. You can still be an MVP-caliber player and not win MVP, in my opinion.” But he doesn’t stop there. “I know how good I am. Everybody in this league knows how good I am. All the fans know. No matter how much they try to deny it, or hate, or tell you anything different. They know when I step on the court, they fear me, as fans of the game. I’m not saying my opponents fear me, but when I get a wide-open shot, I hear the crowd. Before I shoot it, I hear. They all respect it.” Durant certainly isn’t short on confidence. Then again, he has no reason to be.