With only a matter of seconds left in the first half, business initially appeared to be normal as the Warriors brought the ball down the court trailing 64-50 with 19 seconds left in the quarter. Yet, the game came to a dead stop when Draymond Green and Bradley Beal went at each other in what turned into a benches-clearing brawl. After Kevin Durant came up with the rebound, Beal appeared to reach around Green and swiped his face. Green immediately fought back and forced Beal off court. Once the brawl was broken up, both were ejected from the game and shortly after being tossed, Green told ESPN, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do if someone hits you twice. Man, you’re taught as a kid not to allow that. What was I supposed to do?” “Brad and Draymond both really want to win and it’s more than just going out there and playing,” Durant said. “They’re physical and talk trash. It happens. It’s unfortunate that Draymond got tossed out for getting punched, but that’s just how it is.” Although the Warriors felt the absence during the season-opening loss to the Houston Rockets, Golden State managed to erase an 18-point deficit to defeat the Wizards 120-117.