Because of the timing of his rise to stardom, Kevin Durant has been and will forever be linked to LeBron James. Their basketball lives are intertwined. Comparisons have been made. Legacy arguments will be had. And, possibly, more NBA Finals meetings await. But James is not the first player Durant has been linked to. And he's certainly not the only one on the Heat. This offseason, Miami took on two reclamation projects, one recovering from injury issues, the other from some personal demons. And Durant has a past history with both. The first is Greg Oden. He's a 7-footer with all the skills and size to be a premier center in the NBA. But five major knee surgeries before his 25th birthday robbed him of his athleticism, and almost his entire career. Back before the 2007 draft, there was a legit debate between Oden and Durant for the first overall pick. Portland went with Oden. The then-Seattle SuperSonics took Durant, and Oklahoma City has reaped the benefits. But because of that choice, Oden's name has continually popped up over the past five seasons, as Durant rose to superstardom and Oden didn't play a game. Now, though, Oden is finally back in the league. And of late, his role has increased, playing a combined 23 minutes the past few games for Miami. “I'm happy for Greg, man,” Durant said. “It's just been so tough for him the last few years with injuries. No doubt in my mind he would have been a dominant center in this league if he didn't get hurt.