Mike Dunleavy Jr. received lengthier and more lucrative free-agent offers than the two-year, $6.2 million deal he signed as the Bulls' main offseason acquisition. But the reason the veteran shooter took less is because he wants more. Playoff appearances, that is. "I've been in the league 11 years and I've been through a lot of mediocrity," Dunleavy said Wednesday at the Berto Center. "To be a part of this is special. I don't take it for granted." For a player who teamed with Carlos Boozer and former Bulls Jay Williams and Chris Duhon to win the 2001 NCAA tournament title for Duke, nine career playoff games isn't fun. It's foreign. And Dunleavy, who will turn 33 in September, views the Bulls as a vehicle to change that. "I don't think the losing has ever had an impact on me in terms of how I've approached the game," he said. "It hasn't changed my habits. So hopefully I'll be able to jump right in even though I've been on a bunch of losing teams." It's fitting the Bulls unveiled Dunleavy on the first full day since the NBA lifted its moratorium on free-agent signings. Coming off shooting a career-high 42.8 percent on 3-pointers for the Bucks last season, the 6-foot-9 Dunleavy continues the offseason theme of adding shooting.