When Toronto's DeMar DeRozan and Los Angeles phenom Blake Griffin met on Sunday night at the Air Canada Centre it was a preview of what was to come this weekend at the NBA's slam dunk competition. Griffin is the clear favourite, though DeRozan says the only time he has ever lost a dunk contest was at last year's all-star weekend. While Griffin had one spectacular jam on Sunday, DeRozan had the dunk of the night and even stared down the Clippers bench afterwards. DeRozan said there wasn't any malice intended or any message trying to be sent: "It's just fun to get out and run and get a dunk. I don't get to dunk as much as Blake during a game," he said. Griffin and the young Raptor had a discussion at the conclusion of the game about the dunk contest. "He told me we definitely have to make (the contest) fun and entertaining for the fans and everything," DeRozan said. "Then he tried to ask me what I was going to do and I tried to ask him the same thing. Neither one of us wanted to tell the other what we were doing."