njuries and Kyle Lowry’s mysterious absence notwithstanding, things continue to roll forward for the Miami Heat. The team has won nine of its last 12 games and is currently sitting atop the Eastern Conference standings. Meanwhile, Bam Adebayo is finally manning the middle once again.

However, Duncan Robinson’s roller-coaster campaign continues to have significantly fewer peaks than valleys.

For the year, the Heat’s $90 million man is shooting just 40.3% from the field overall and a middling 36.5% from deep. Those numbers represent his lowest marks since his 15-game rookie season. And just when it seems like Robinson is shaking the slump, he inevitably drops another clunker — like his 0-of-5 performance during Miami’s triple-OT loss to the Raptors on Saturday.

The combination of Robinson’s perpetual struggle and the Heat’s surprising success has one analyst wondering whether the team even needs him at this point.