As he stood up from his pre-Final Four news conference, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski leaned into the microphone and gave a derisive snort. "Good luck with the next one,'' he said, referring to the next news conference — with NCAA president Mark Emmert.

Krzyzewski's mic drop moment, coming as he prepped for his final weekend as a head coach, laid bare the discontent and the disconnect between Emmert, the national office and the people they allegedly govern. "We're all frustrated,'' one prominent athletic director told The Athletic after Emmert's news conference ended.

The frustration comes from a host of issues — a broken enforcement process, an out-of-date rulebook and an avoidance of dealing with NIL issues until Congress and the Supreme Court essentially forced the NCAA's hand. Emmert addressed the issues, citing a "huge disjuncture in college sports, with a relatively short window of time,'' but it was Krzyzewski's comments that drew the most attention, as the coach plainly took shots at the NCAA president.

Asked if he wanted to stick around to listen to Emmert, Krzyzewski said, "I'm sitting on the edge of my chair.'' He then went on to address his own itemized list of concerns.