Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said NCAA men’s basketball could stand to improve its infrastructure in the wake of the coronavirus concerns that halted this year’s college basketball season. In an interview with Evan Daniels, 247Sports director of basketball recruiting, Daniels asked Krzyzewski how college could improve to handle future situations “in unison, rather than the confusion” the sport saw last week.

"The NBA is a huge business. It has 32 owners, it has a board of governors, it has partners and there are relationships in how it’s set up,” Krzyzewski said. “It’s organized like a multi-billion dollar business and as a result, they have plans, they have contingency plans, they have levers of power in decision making that the NCAA does not have. As a result, that’s why they can still come up with something to salvage their season and playoffs or whatever. They’re constantly adapting to the current situation and it has pinpoint responsibility with the leadership of Adam Silver.

“The NCAA Men’s Basketball does not have pinpoint responsibility,” Krzyzewski said.