The FBI investigation that unearthed the dark underbelly of college basketball in September has led many to call for sweeping changes within the sport. It opened up a new forum of discussion about how to prevent corruption that wasn't previously on the table and spurred many, including Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, to talk about how to go about fixing it. "It's an incredible time, a good time. I'm excited about it," Krzyzewski told Sporting News. "I'm not saying I have all the answers. I'm saying: Let's look at that, let's look at this … and let's put somebody in charge of college basketball, which I've been saying for 25 years." The Hall of Fame coach, acknowledging the corruption that saw 10 individuals arrested, pleaded for an overhaul of regulations that would included putting someone like a commissioner in charge of oversight. "I'm sorry that these events occurred, obviously," Krzyzewski said. "But sometimes only when something bad happens will people look at change. It's not time for a Band-Aid. It's time for a major overhaul -- of this entire journey, not just our part of it. Our part is the one that is furthest behind, or the one that is not in touch." Krzyzewski references the journey, meaning the recruitment process of potential college prospects, which begins early on in many players' careers. Many times that includes grassroots basketball, which can loop in handlers and advisers -- people who were at the center of the FBI sting.