Clues about Adam Gase’s new scheme have slipped out this spring like a running back on a screen pass. Some Bears players have characterized their new offense as fast-paced. Gase, too, has vowed to give Jay Cutler some of the same line-of-scrimmage control as he did for the greatest audible-caller in the game’s history, Peyton Manning, last year. Press Alshon Jeffery about how it’s different from Marc Trestman’s attack, and the Pro Bowl wide receiver’s eyes twinkle. “I gotta save that,” he said Wednesday. “It’s a secret.” Is it up-tempo? “We’re going to see,” he said, smiling. “We’re going to see.” One thing is for sure: however the new offensive coordinator manipulates his Xs and Os, the goal will be to get the ball into the hands of the team’s two dynamic receivers, Jeffery and first-round draft pick Kevin White. The Bears have other options, sure. Matt Forte — who last year caught more passes than any running back, ever — is the final season of his contract. Tight end Martellus Bennett is sitting at home while he asks the team to rewrite the two years left on his. Eddie Royal, a free agent signee from the Chargers, can fill the slot role better than any player who ever lined up for Trestman.