It was pretty late on the east coast, but that didn't stop Fairfax (Va.) Paul VI Catholic point guard Dug McDaniel from pulling the trigger and committing to Michigan.


At 5-9, 145 pounds, McDaniel is obviously undersized, but from a make up standpoint, he's the exact kind of small point guard you want — he's feisty, tough, confident and fearless. He's also pretty damn good from a skill standpoint. He's extremely quick and fast, he shoots it well from the outside, he's crafty and finishes well at the rim despite his size and he's very bouncy (he can dunk with ease at 5-9). He's really good in all of those areas, but his best skill is passing the ball. He always has his eyes up, he sees plays before they happen and he has a knack for putting the ball exactly where it needs to be, and he's going to do it with some flair.