He is conducting an interview. His team's season has been over for seven weeks. He's on a golf course. He's in Idaho, at a place so remote that he has to stand next to the clubhouse just to acquire sufficient cell reception. The subject: This hockey player's latest project ... as an actor. Yes, Bobby Ryan's popularity continues to grow with his game, his Q score more like multiple scores — a Q hat trick. He no longer can escape fame, this guy, in terms of time or distance. A skunk would have more luck shaking its scent. "I try to embrace the opportunities as much as I can," the Ducks forward says. "Maybe I do have a future in it in some capacity. But I'm definitely not going to be an actor. The days are too long." Who says our hockey team plays in sunny, seaside oblivion? That there's a bias tilted toward the East? That all the Ducks, not just their goalie, might as well wear masks since no one recognizes them anyway? At the NHL awards show Wednesday in Las Vegas, Corey Perry is up for the highest individual honor — the Hart Memorial Trophy. Ray Emery is one of three finalists for the Masterton Trophy, given for perseverance and dedication. And Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf will be there, too, providing some of the silliness between their teammates' substance. For the second consecutive year, they will be the comic relief, two Ducks in search of yucks. Forty-eight hours after their season was ended in the opening round of the playoffs, Getzlaf and Ryan returned to Honda Center to shoot a skit, a sequel to the U.S. vs. Canada bit they did last season.