It comes as no surprise that the Orioles continue to ponder whether they should make a qualifying offer to catcher Matt Wieters. They’ve had internal debates since he accepted the last one. I’ve heard that they’re weighing both sides and I sense that they may be leaning more toward not giving it to Wieters, who hit .243/.302/.409 with 17 doubles, 17 home runs and 66 RBIs this season in 124 games. But they’re far from solidifying a decision. Wieters made $15.8 million after unexpectedly accepting the offer. His salary would jump to $17.2 million if he accepted it again. There are members of the organization who view it as a win-win. They’d get Wieters for another season or the draft pick. The counter argument, of course, is that $17.2 million takes up too much of the budget while the Orioles brace for raises due their arbitration-eligible players, including third baseman Manny Machado, starter Chris Tillman, closer Zach Britton and reliever Brad Brach. There’s also the matter of negotiating an extension for Tillman, who’s got one year left before entering free agency, and Machado, who’s under team control through 2018. They also could consider an extension for Britton.