Sometimes you have to learn to appreciate what you already have. In this season when everyone is dreaming of grand presents of video games, new clothes and jewelry, Mets fans now have high hopes of adding another All-Star outfielder to their team’s lineup. Reports that the Mets had preliminary talks with the Pirates about Andrew McCutchen have the Flushing faithful dreaming of a holiday blockbuster trade. But, let me play the Grinch here. Aside from the fact that pulling off a trade for McCutchen is unlikely and a very convoluted answer to their outfield logjam, the Mets do not need to take a gamble on the 30-year-old who comes with some serious red flags. And they absolutely should not trade one of their young arms for a player who likely isn’t a perfect fit. Make no mistake, I understand that McCutchen has impressive credentials. A five-time All-Star, the 2013 National League MVP and 2009 Rookie of the Year, the righty-hitting McCutchen has hit more than 20 home runs in his last six seasons. And I understand the frustration with the Mets' plans to win that were built on stockpiling strong young pitching. That clearly came back and bit them hard last season with season-ending injuries to Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz. But, I think there is a lot to the theory that the Mets’ success in 2015, their run to the World Series, contributed to the Mets' pitching injuries in 2016. While I think that bodes well for bounceback seasons in 2017, it is at least obvious if the Mets trade any of their pitchers, they would be selling their assets at a low point.