Do not count on Ryan Kesler’s return to action in the coming days. The Ducks certainly aren’t. The rehabilitation process from a major hip surgery done in June has been long and arduous. It appears to be in the final stages as Kesler has been with the Ducks on their current trip, trying to bring himself up to speed so that he can play and become a contributor to their efforts. It won’t be that quick. Kesler has been working regularly with Ducks skating coach Larry Barron, but the potential timetable on a return looks more like it could come once 2018 begins as opposed to the hope for an appearance before or right after the Christmas holiday break. “There was a date at some point and this was a long time ago,” Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said. “I don’t know how close or how far we are. He’s with us now skating. So he’s on the horizon.” On the horizon, of course, is a nebulous term. It could mean a day or two from now. It could mean a couple of weeks or more from now. The fact that Kesler’s appearance on the trip is a good sign, but the 32-year-old has a lot of hard miles on him and isn’t at the point of going full tilt on a daily basis.