Patrick Roy will almost certainly survive his first season as Avalanche coach but his voice might not. Roy gave his lungs quite a workout Wednesday night and this was just the first preseason game. Whether barking out high-pitched vocal commands or a whistle louder than any that could be found in a store Roy's presence definitely was felt in his maiden game behind an NHL bench. A lot of hockey coaches strangely tend to be very quiet and stationary during a game. Not Roy. Not only are his vocal cords in full use Roy is always walking back and forth rarely standing still for more than a second. Against the Anaheim Ducks at the Pepsi Center Roy showed the full range of emotions too. He often seemed happy with what he saw but when he wasn't it was obvious. In the end Roy lost his first game but at least it didn't count. The Ducks got a 2-1 victory over the Avs in front of a smallish crowd. When the Avs were pinned in their own zone for nearly a minute on a penalty kill in the first period Roy put his hands on his hips and scurried back and forth to assistant coach Tim Army gesturing pointedly. Roy who signed a four-year contract to serve as coach and vice president of hockey operations made clear to his team that exhibition games are important if it is to begin the turnaround to prosperity. Roy wants to win as many games as he can but he also wants his team to be worth the money to see. "I like to be offensive" Roy said. "But that doesn't mean I don't want us to play well defensively. We're going to be an offensive team because I believe that the people who are paying to come watch us deserve to have a great show. At the same time we have to believe deep inside that we can win that 1-0 game."