By now, Matt Duchene could have developed a serious complex. Prior to trading for the highly skilled centre in early November, the Senators were 6-3-5, pocketing themselves 17 of a possible 28 points. They had also scored 51 goals in the 14 games. Since landing Duchene, they are 5-11-3 and owning just 13 of 38 points that were on the table. Their record on North American soil with him in the lineup is 3-11-3. And they have 38 goals in 17 games. By now, Duchene could have started to figure it was him. “I had a conversation with Guy (Boucher), and he thought I might be thinking about that a little bit,” Duchene said. “He told me this was kind of creeping in before I got here. I got kind of inserted into the driest offensive stretch probably this team has ever had. “Obviously it’s tough to start out that way, but at the same time, you go through the worst at the beginning, and then the rest can only go up from there.” While Duchene has two goals and three assists in 18 games as a Senator, Kyle Turris has four goals and 13 assists in the same number of games for the Predators, who as of Wednesday were tied for first in the Western Conference. Not that Duchene is noticing. “I didn’t get traded for Turris,” he said defiantly. But he replaced him.