Hawks forward Marvin Williams said he doesn't expect any carryover from his scuffle with Knicks counterpart Shawne Williams when the teams meet again in a couple weeks. But coach Larry Drew thinks the fracas with New York on Friday could have some positive effects on the perception of his team's toughness. "I really do," Drew said. "I don't condone fighting in any shape, form or fashion. But I know this is a game where emotions do get high. The one thing as a team, you don't want to be labeled a 'soft' team. ... You don't want to be put into a situation where you feel things got tough and you backed away because that [reputation] will carry around the league." That Williams was the Hawk to engage in fisticuffs surprised even his teammates, since Williams is by nature reserved. It appeared Williams shoved Shawne Williams from behind and then started swinging when the Knicks forward objected. But Marvin Williams said his outburst came after a number of unspecified actions by the Knicks. "There was just things going on throughout the game," he said. "I finally reacted, I guess. What happened has happened. I've obviously gotten my punishment. I accept full responsibility for what I did. Just move on from here." Game officials ejected Marvin Williams from the game and the NBA suspended him for two games. He sat out Atlanta's loss at Dallas Saturday and will also miss Wednesday's game vs. Toronto. Shawne Williams was ejected and suspended for one game. The two players tangled in the final minute of Atlanta's spirited 111-102 victory. At one point, Marvin Williams shoved Drew as the coach tried to restrain him.