For the past several years at the company where he works in Winnipeg, Miles Weise has been using a Canadiens coffee cup. He’s a lifelong Habs fan, but Weise has also been rooting for the Vancouver Canucks because his son Dale started playing for the team in the 2011-12 season. It was just a week ago that Weise, who had been teased at work for not having a Vancouver cup, took the Habs mug home and replaced it with a Canucks one. He needn’t have bothered. The 53-year-old warehouse manager received a call at work on Monday from his wife, Barb, who said their son had been traded to Montreal. He thought at first that she was pulling his leg. When he spoke to his son, Weise said he told him: “My little boy is going to play on the Montreal Canadiens.” “And he said ‘dreams do come true, eh Dad?’ ’’ Miles Weise recounted in a phone interview on Thursday. “I’m just on top of the world,” Weise told The Gazette. The Canadiens acquired Dale Weise, a 6-foot-2, 210-pound forward from the Canucks in exchange for defenceman Raphael Diaz. On Tuesday in Montreal, Weise told reporters that his father is a big Habs fan and described his excitement over the trade. He said his dad kept calling him that afternoon while he was trying to nap before the game, his first as a Hab. As a Canadiens fan growing up in Winnipeg, Miles Weise would wear his Habs jersey playing road hockey. He doesn’t speak French, but years ago would watch and listen to the team’s games in French. His favourite Canadiens player was Guy Lafleur. When his two sons, Derrick and Dale, were growing up, Weise built a rink for them in their backyard. Dale, who started skating when he was 3, was also a Habs fan and his father bought him a Canadiens scoreboard light for his bedroom. “I bought it for him when he was a little kid and it’s still in his room,” Weise said. There’s also still a plaque they had made years ago that looks like a Habs jersey and has Weise’s name on it. The elder Weise laughed recounting his visit to Vancouver two years ago when his son first joined the Canucks. He told former Habs Christopher Higgins — who still plays for the Canucks — and Maxim Lapierre — who now plays for the St. Louis Blues — that he was a big Canadiens fan. “I said, ‘Nice to meet you guys ... but you know, really I’m a Habs fan.’ ” When his son was with Vancouver, Weise would also see the Canadiens games because they usually came on earlier “and then I could watch the Canucks later,” he said. Weise has seen the Canadiens play in Winnipeg, but not here. They plan to come see a game in Montreal, but he said he isn’t sure when yet. Weise and his family watched on television as Dale made his debut as a Hab on Tuesday at the Bell Centre against the Calgary Flames. “I almost had tears in my eyes,” Weise said of seeing his son in a Canadiens jersey. The family’s phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from friends and relatives. “They asked if I made the deal,” Weise said. As for that Canadiens coffee cup, Weise wasted no time bringing it back to work.