Ben Simmons' first active season with the Brooklyn Nets will have him with many eyes on everything he does on the court. The controversial point guard landed in Brooklyn last season and didn't play a single minute, raising eyebrows around the league for his reasoning. 

Well, that's part of the past now and Simmons has already played with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the Nets' loss against the Philadelphia 76ers in the team's preseason opener. They'll face the Miami Heat tomorrow in another big outing for them ahead of the new NBA season. 

Ben, Durant and Irving will try to show more of what we can expect from them in the regular season, but it's still too early to see these two going at it at full strength. Meanwhile, people are reacting to Simmons' return to the court after over a year without basketball action. 

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green is one of the people who are high on Simmons and expect him to be great this campaign. Draymond is another controversial player, and he didn't hesitate to defend Simmons while predicting that having a group of shooters around him will only benefit Ben (16:11).