Let’s get this qualifier out of the way first: Bradley Chubb is the pass rusher atop most scouts' wish lists entering the NFL draft. Just the name, really, says it all. Chubb. Thing is, the North Carolina State defensive end has the game to match. What could Chubb do for the Green Bay Packers? Look at his 20 sacks and 44 tackles for loss the past two seasons. At 6-4 3/8, 269 pounds, Chubb is package-ready for the NFL. “I try to take Khalil Mack and Von Miller,” Chubb said Saturday at the NFL combine, “and put them into one person.” There is, of course, one tiny problem. The Packers are hardly the only team needing pass rushers. And they’re picking 14th in the draft. Even if an uncommon influx of quarterbacks pushes talented defenders down the board, Chubb figures to be long gone before general manager Brian Gutekunst gets his turn on the clock.