Andrew Luck flew 4,152 miles to the Netherlands to have physical therapy on his shoulder. That’s what he said Friday. That’s what he wants you to believe. Do you believe? Just rehab, he said. Nothing crazy, no injections. Nothing out of the ordinary. That’s what he said. “We just rehabbed at a clinic in the Netherlands,” he said Friday, a quote I’m including here because it’s important that, if you believe anybody in the story, you believe me. “Nothing crazy," he said. "No injections. Nothing out of the ordinary.” As for me, it’s not that I don’t believe what Andrew Luck said on Friday. It’s more like this: I can’t believe what he said. Literally speaking, my brain isn’t allowing me to go down the path Luck tried to take it. In an era where U.S. professional athletes struggling to recover from injury routinely head to Europe for cutting-edge techniques that are not FDA approved, Andrew Luck wants me to believe he went all the way to the Netherlands for physical therapy. And listen: My skepticism is not Luck’s fault. No, this is on me. Stupid brain of mine, it just won’t go there. It goes here: Former NBA star Kobe Bryant went to Europe to have a blood-spinning injection into his knee. So did former MLB star Alex Rodriguez. Former NFL star Terrell Owens went to Korea for stem-cell work on his knee. Peyton Manning (heard of him?) went to Europe to have stem-cell treatment on his neck. Andrew Luck went to the Netherlands for physical therapy. That’s what he says.