Doug Collins was sitting a few rows up from the Duke bench, so when Louisville’s Kevin Ware jumped in the air to contest a three-pointer from Tyler Thornton, he didn’t see what happened near the opposite bench. He doesn’t want to see it, either. Ware suffered one of the most gruesome injuries in televised sports when he landed seemingly normally on his right leg. Instead, he suffered a compound fracture of his tibia and was rushed to a nearby hospital in Indianapolis. Collins, who traveled to Indianapolis to watch the Duke-Louisville regional championship because his son Chris was on the Duke staff, says the replay of the injury was not shown in the arena. When folks sitting around him pulled the replay up on their smart phones, Collins wasn’t interested in taking a look. He could tell by the way the players on both teams reacted that it was a serious injury. “Thank God I didn’t see it. I was sitting in a situation where I was right about eye level with the court, so I saw Tyler Thornton hit the three and then all of a sudden the play was stopped and I didn’t know what happened,” Collins said. “The looks on the players’ faces when he went down … I saw the look on Tyler Thornton’s face -- it was horrific. “There you were in the arena with all that kind of emotion and then all of a sudden it was just funeral. It was so quiet in there. Obviously, they had to make sure he got the proper medical care because with an open wound like that he’s a risk for infection and all that goes with that.