Every once in a while I wish I could invoke what I like to call the “digital recorder rule” to real life. That would be the imaginary power that allows us to hit the fast-forward button on some maddeningly laborious process and cut right to the chase. So right now I’m reaching for that imaginary remote control because I desperately want to skip past all the interminable thumb-twiddling and blur past the annoying piles of bureaucratic bunk we’ve been subjected to with the endless fretting over the Rams’ future here in St. Louis. If we’re lucky, the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, which runs the Edward Jones Dome, will spare us any further aggravation and quickly accelerate the next phase in these talks. Don’t drag this out for another minute, much less another day. Just do what everyone knows you want to to: reject the $700 million plan to renovate the Dome, step aside and let someone who actually cares — someone who honestly has a vision about the region’s future — take charge of the negotiations. One way or another, Stan Kroenke is going to get a new stadium for his Rams to play in. So can we put someone in the room who can make that happen as quickly as possible? Can we put someone (or several people) in the room who has the clout politically, the mind financially and the vision creatively to execute this complicated, but important process? No one said it’s going to be easy. No one said it won’t require the deft touch of a smooth operator. No one said it won’t be like wrestling a political bear or navigating through financial minefield to put together the human resources and imagination to find the right mix of private and public finances. But it can be done.