Kyrie Irving has been nothing more than the center of drama in just over a season as a member of the Brooklyn Nets. This was the case for the most part during his debut campaign with the team back in 2019-20. Even with Kevin Durant back in the mix, Irving has proven himself to be an outcast in the Big Apple.

That all took a dramatic turn last week when Irving was listed as out for a game citing personal reasons. There’s many different theories as to what happened behind the scenes. However, a recent report suggesting that he was attending a birthday party for his sister against NBA COVID-19 protocols adds another layer to this whole story.

The NBA is now investigating this situation with Kyrie Irving potentially set to lose a whopping $460,000 per game he misses due to said violations.

Tuesday’s game against the Nuggets represents the third consecutive outing the NBA champion has missed. It also has the Nets speaking publicly on this situation.