Tuesday’s interview of Bengals cornerback Adam Jones included a question about where the soon-to-be-free-agent wants to play in 2016. Here’s how he responded. “I knew you were going to do that to me,” Jones said with a laugh. “I want to play for any team that wants me. I’m a guy that really wants to win. I love the game of football, I’m passionate about it. I study hard, I play hard. There’s not a guy that’s around that’s gonna tell you I don’t study hard, don’t practice hard, don’t play hard. I’m open, man, I don’t have one team that I have to go to this team. I’m pretty much open as long as we got a good chance of winning.” Interest is high already; Jones admitted that tampering is happen as to him, just like it’s happening as to every other free agent. “I know there’s a lot of other teams that have been contacting my agent saying that if I don’t get re-signed there is going to be other places I can go,” Jones said.