As his contract expires and his future with the Blues becomes increasingly uncertain, the misuse of Vince Dunn has started to truly surface. The 23-year-old is one of the best kept secrets in the league. All stats, besides his point totals, point towards Dunn being among one of the best young defensemen in the league. Despite this, he was largely limited to the Blues third pairing this season and saw virtually no time on special teams. It’s a pitiful treatment for a player that’s never failed to disappoint with his hard work and flashy offensive ability.

With limited cap space and Alex Pietrangelo also becoming a free agent, Dunn’s future is in limbo. If he leaves, he takes with him an offensive potency that defiantly fueled the Blues, even from a limited role. Thankfully, recent signee Scotty Perunovich brings a very similar package to the table. With his recent Hobey Baker winning and a dazzling junior year at Minnesota-Duluth, excitement around Perunovich is rightfully high.

The Blues need to feed into this excitement. They’ve effectively wasted three seasons of Dunn’s career; don’t make the same mistake with Perunovich.

Fool Me Once, Shame on You...

Vince Dunn

It’s been said over-and-over but reiterating it never hurts: Vince Dunn is good. Really good. In a dazzling group of young defensemen under 24-years-old (with 750 minutes of ice time this season), he ranks 25th in xGF/60. This, effectively, means his offense is the 25th best in the league, although this is an admittedly thin analysis of the stat. Still, his 25th ranking is way higher than high-end youngsters like Rasmus Dahlin, Jakub Chychrun, and even defensive point-leader Zach Werenski.