Gabe Kapler filled out his fourth Grapefruit League lineup card on Monday afternoon and had an interesting name written into the leadoff spot. 1. Rhys Hoskins, left field The manager has used his lineups this spring to try different things. It is practice, Kapler said. And there are six weeks of games this spring. There is a lot of practice. And Monday night in a 4-3 loss to the Yankees, Kapler tried his power hitter at leadoff. Hoskins regularly works deep counts and reaches base at a high rate, but don’t expect him to be batting leadoff once practice is finished. “I really like Rhys in the two-hole and the four-hole, and those are two locations that he and I have had conversations about,” Kapler said. “That’s not to say that it couldn’t happen … but I guess it depends. The one thing I will say is it doesn’t have to be a speed guy. It doesn’t have to be a guy like, ‘Hit it on the ground and run really fast and be Willie Wilson.’” The second and fourth spots in the lineup, Kapler believes, are the most crucial. Those are the spots that come up more often with runners on base. Expect Hoskins and Carlos Santana to fill those places. Neither Santana nor Hoskins batted second last season; they have spent the majority of their careers batting fourth. Their spots in the lineup could flip regularly. “There’s a lot of nuance there and a lot of flow to the lineup, and it might be very marginal differences but still worth looking at deeply,” Kapler said.