Lawrence Frank said he hasn't eased any fears about today's impending 3 p.m. trade deadline. It's not because the coach, amid his second season with the Detroit Pistons, doesn't have a bedside manner. It's just that the rumor mill hasn't come to Detroit. There have been some speculative reports, but nothing close to the drama surrounding the Lakers' Dwight Howard, the Hawks' Josh Smith and other players around the league. "It's one thing when your name is always in the paper, but no one is really in the paper," Frank said Tuesday night. "There's certain high-profile guys that have been written about a while, and now it's the final closing. For us... " Frank trailed off, but his point was made. The last time the Pistons were in the news on a daily basis at trade deadline time was two seasons ago, when they had public discussions with the Nets and the Bulls about former Piston Rip Hamilton. That won't keep Pistons fans from crossing their fingers that some savior will come through that door to rescue the franchise. But there are a few things to remember. The Pistons have already pulled off a significant trade when they sent Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye to Memphis in a deal that brought Jose Calderon. With a payroll at $68 million, they are well above the salary cap and just under the $70 million luxury tax. They aren't in position to take on extra salary. And there's not a sense that anything has changed since the weekend when two sources told the Free Press that a major move is unlikely. To clarify, that means don't expect a Josh Smith or Eric Gordon getting shipped to Detroit.