Giants coach Ben McAdoo said there will be some roles changing over the rest of the season — just don’t expect Eli Manning’s to be one of them. With the Giants 1-6 heading into their bye week and coming off a performance in which they gained just 177 yards of total offense, the idea of having the team see what it has in third-round pick Davis Webb in what has become a lost season is not so far-fetched. McAdoo initially danced around the question of a potential quarterback change at some point this season during his Monday conference call until he was asked if that decision would be up to him or someone higher up the ladder. “It’s a coaching decision, but it’d be something that if it ever would get to that point, I’d want to have a conversation with Jerry (Reese) and ownership,” he said. “It’s not at that point and I don’t see that point coming.” Manning, 36, has 10 touchdowns this season to five interceptions, along with 1,600 yards and a 64.2% completion percentage, which puts him around the league average. But Manning is also averaging 226.8 yards per game, 18th in the NFL, and his performance has only led to one win. With injuries to Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard, it has also become evident that they are the ones who elevate Manning and that he is no longer capable of carrying an offense, throwing for just 128 and 134 yards since either one of them has last played. “Eli is our quarterback,” McAdoo continued. “I have 100 percent confidence in Eli. We’re going to get a week away from it, come back with fresh minds, fresh bodies and play better football.”