Sebastian Telfair has been in the limelight since the age of 10. Still in Grade 5 and the younger cousin of Brooklyn legend Stephon Marbury, it was then that his skill level was first noticed and picked up on by the media all ready to hail him the next great point guard just waiting to burst on to the NBA scene. Three city titles for the famed Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn and one state championship later, “Bassy” as he’s known throughout the basketball world, went straight to the pros. The fact that he was still a full eight years away from even being drafted into the NBA when the talk first began didn’t enter into the equation. There is a segment of society that abhors this rush to proclaim greatness. They see it as harmful to the individual and potentially stunting to that individual’s growth. Telfair, despite never having reached those long-ago predicted heights, sees nothing at all wrong with it. As far as he’s concerned, whatever burdens come with a very early arrival in the limelight, they far outweigh the alternative of never having been singled out. “That’s probably the best way to put it,” Telfair said. “It’s worth it.”