Jalen Hurts is answering all the questions whether he can be the Philadelphia Eagles' franchise quarterback through the first two games, raising the expectations of a franchise that was pretty optimistic heading into the year. The Eagles having a young and productive quarterback with a talented roster is something Donovan McNabb experienced when he was leading the franchise 20 years ago -- and what Carson Wentz went through when he was the team's franchise quarterback. 

The Eagles moved on from Wentz after he asked for a trade, turning the franchise over to Hurts. McNabb thinks Philadelphia is better off, saying Hurts is a better quarterback than Wentz right now. 

"People need to look at Hurts' experience and how he got to this position. We're seeing him being able to put the pressure on his shoulders and being able to move forward with his head high," McNabb told Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio Thursday night. "The change of the offense is better suited for Jalen Hurts."

Hurts has certainly evolved as a passer, as evidenced through his first two games. He has completed 69.8% of his passes for 576 yards with one touchdown and one interception (97.1 rating), while leading the NFL in total offense (pass yards + run yards - yards lost to sacks) and yards per attempt (9.1).