Is there anything more energizing to Bankers Life Fieldhouse than when Lance Stephenson grabs a defensive rebound and just goes? The whole place perks up because the range of outcomes includes a potential top ten play of the night. The 22-year old guard is figuring out the NBA game and the results are starting to become, well...exciting. Stephenson earned the nickname "Born Ready" as a young player for his innate ability to play the game and see the game. He still has those instincts to see the game a play or two ahead of reality but now he's starting to apply a pro's view to know when and when not to attack and look for a big play. How well he can manage his game to avoid the senseless shot at a top ten play and keep the time and score in the game in mind will go a long way toward how well the Pacers finish the season. There is no doubt, when Stephenson has it going the Pacers improve greatly.