Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy was praising quarterback Aaron Rodgers for his leadership ability Wednesday. The next day he was defending it. Rodgers has drawn criticism for the way he comports himself before but for the second time in a month it has come from one of his former wide receivers. This time retired receiver Donald Driver appearing on a national radio program and responding to comments former Packer receiver Greg Jennings made recently called into question Rodgers' willingness to deflect blame. "We've always been in the room and we've always said that the quarterback is the one who needs to take the pressure off of everyone else" Driver said on ESPN radio's Mike and Mike. "If a guy runs the wrong route it's easy for the quarterback to say 'Hey I told him to run that route' than the guy to say 'Hey I ran the wrong route.' "Sometimes you ask Aaron to take the pressure off those guys so we don't look bad. He didn't want to do that. He felt like if you did something bad you do it. That's the difference. You want that leadership. I think sometimes you may not feel like you got it. You have to earn that respect at the end of the day." Jennings said in a July interview that Rodgers was someone who created the spotlight for himself thus making it seem like the Packers were "so-and-so and the team." He said it was hard for Rodgers to hold himself accountable for things he did wrong as a result of his status. Driver said he considered Rodgers "a nice guy" and "I think that's what you have to respect." But he also said it was important for Rodgers to remain humble and remember that he wasn't always a star. "I saw when he first got drafted he came in with a chip on his shoulder saying that he should have been the first pick in that draft that it shouldn't have been Alex Smith" Driver said. "But that's the way the guy is and I think the thing is I've always told Aaron this: 'Don't forget where you come from because the people are the ones who put you on that pedestal. You didn't put yourself there.' "And I think that's what he's learning now." McCarthy said he did not know where Driver was coming from and made reference to the loss Driver recently experienced with the death of his father. He said in total he wasn't sure what Driver was trying to say. "I didn't get to read the whole thing" he said. "I didn't understand it and frankly I think Aaron manages his job responsibility very well. Accountability is throughout your whole football team. The quarterback position we take a lot of pride in the way it's coached. "That's the most overly criticized position on our whole team internally. I don't know what to really say about his comments." Harris is a no-go: Running back DuJuan Harris is ready to play against the St. Louis Rams Saturday night but McCarthy is taking the safe route with him. McCarthy held Harris out of most of the drills in the team's helmets-only practice Thursday at Ray Nitschke Field as part of his "limited" status this week and said afterward he plans to sit him against the Rams. Harris is coming off a knee injury that sidelined him for 11 practices and the first exhibition game. "I kept him in limited reps so he will not go in St. Louis" McCarthy said. "I had a chance to speak with him this morning. He's ready but we just want to bring him back in limited fashion this week and he'll be 100% to go next week." Another of McCarthy's backs rookie Eddie Lacy appears ready to make his NFL debut. Lacy missed three practices and the Arizona game with a hamstring pull but his workload gradually increased this week to the point where he was able to take part in a fair number of competitive team drills Wednesday and Thursday. Lacy has also been limited this week but he has done more than Harris and had a huge number of snaps before being injured.