The Marlins have not informed manager Don Mattingly whether he will be retained next season, but Mattingly said Monday he also will have a role in determining his future.

A source familiar with the situation said the Marlins have not made a definitive decision about whether to retain Mattingly, whose contract is expiring after this season. The Marlins like Mattingly’s demeanor and his ability to teach and mentor young players but haven’t decided whether to make a change.

One possibility that hasn’t been ruled out: The Marlins could try to negotiate a more team-friendly deal with Mattingly than his current contract that was negotiated by past ownership, a deal that calls for him for make about $2.5 million this season.

If he returned making that same amount of money next season, he would going into the offseason making more than all but three players on the roster.

Mattingly, asked Monday if he’s antsy about getting clarity on his status for 2020, said: “Not really. I’m in a pretty good spot in my mind. Obviously, I have to make a choice, too. We talked about getting together and I assume we’ll get together quickly, because you have to do a whole staff depending on what direction they want to go. I feel pretty good.”

Asked if he wants to return despite the pain of a rebuilding process, he said: “Well that’s a different question. That’s something to talk about now, and not really something to talk about publicly. That’s something you keep behind closed doors and have discussions with people. I do like the thought of young guys getting better.