NHL players may be unhappy with the league’s decision to not participate in the 2018 Olympics, but it suits Don Cherry just fine. The colourfully dressed commentator and former coach joined Sportsnet’s Starting Lineup on Tuesday morning and discussed how impractical it would be for everyone to go to Pyeongchang. “The games are going to be at 3 o’clock in the morning,” he said. “Who the hell’s going to watch hockey at 3 o’clock in the morning? Maybe the final game and that. I’m glad we’re not going. And I’m glad I’m not going because I don’t enjoy them at all. “Who wants to go to North Korea or South Korea or wherever the hell it is?” Cherry noted there’s just too much risk for not only the players, but for the owners, teams and their fans. “It’s OK for people to say, ‘Oh well, they should go over,’” he said. “Sure. But what if (Carey) Price goes over and he gets hurt? The season’s over for all those fans. What if (Sidney) Crosby goes over and he gets hurt?” There has been some dissension from NHLPA members, with Alex Ovechkin notably saying in the past that he would simply just go to the Olympics anyway. Cherry believes it’s all a bunch of hot air and empty threats. He also poked some fun at the Washington Capitals captain, who’s been to three Games and doesn’t have a medal of any colour to show for his experiences.