Dave Dombrowski was somber when he spoke to the media Tuesday about Victor Martinez's knee injury. The Tigers general manager had learned the day before that Martinez likely would miss the season. "A sock in the gut," Dombrowski called it. By Friday, Dombrowski had regained his public vigor and optimism. Perhaps that's because he'd had time to digest the Martinez news and regroup. Perhaps that's because he saw so many Tigers players on the winter caravan the past few days. And perhaps that's because Friday the caravan stopped at his alma mater, Western Michigan. Dombrowski, according to an audio recording provided by the school, told a sold-out audience of approximately 700 people: "We were dealt a blow -- Victor Martinez is an integral part of our club, and we will miss him. However, good clubs have to be resilient, and we have a resilient group of guys. "Not only do we have a resilient group of guys -- we have a talented group of guys who have a chance to continue to get better because they are younger in their careers."