Dom Capers has been fired before. After 46 years in coaching, including 34 in pro football, the longtime Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator knows that it comes with the territory. Whether Sunday’s regular-season finale in Detroit will be his last in charge of the Packers’ defense, Capers isn’t sure. But after 16 coaching stops — seven colleges, two years with the USFL’s Philadelphia-Baltimore Stars and eight NFL gigs, including being the head coach of two expansion franchises he helped build only to later be fired from — Capers has learned one thing about the fleeting nature of coaching employment: What’s going to happen is going to happen. “If you get caught up in all that, then you have no chance. Because you’re talking about something you have no control over,” Capers said Thursday. “What we do have control over — and I talk with the players about this — our job is to get ready to play each week and go out and perform at a high level. I think if you talk with any of the players, one thing I’ve always believed in (has been) always focusing on the things you have control over. And if you don’t do that in this business, then I think you’re in trouble.” Whether Capers is in trouble or if talk of his possible dismissal is just the product of frustrated fans having the powerful megaphone of social media, it’s hard to say. Coach Mike McCarthy, who has final say over his coaching staff, has given no indication that he’s considering a change. Last week, when asked about the team’s defensive struggles and the evaluation process, McCarthy said that it would be important to “be direct and honest and keep the emotion out of” the process, and that he would have to be “have to be honest about the patterns of negativity and positivity.”