The Miami Dolphins expressed interest in Jonathan Martin returning to the team during their combine meeting with his agents, according to league sources. The agents for Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin met with Dolphins CEO Dawn Aponte, new GM Dennis Hickey and coach Joe Philbin at the combine to discuss Martin's future with the club, sources said, at which time it was conveyed to the team that Martin was not comfortable returning. Hickey expressed the desire for the team to keep him. Martin, a starting tackle for them prior to him leaving the team amid behavior that now has the Dolphins poised for penalties from the Wells Report remains under contract at modest sums as part of his rookie compensation, but given all the turmoil, Martin's advisors believe it best if he continue his career elsewhere and he has no intentions of playing there. Hickey did most of the talking from Miami's side, according to sources, with Philbin "staring daggers" across the room. At the end of the meeting, however, sources said Philbin expressed his belief that Martin's agents were responsible for Miami's locker room controversy reaching this point, that they were the real problem and alluding that Martin's concerns could have been kept more private and handled differently.