Let me preface this by saying last night was one game since the Miami Dolphins lost TE Dustin Keller to a knee injury. Let me preface this by saying it’s been one week and five practices since the Dolphins have looked internally for his outright replacement. Let me preface this by saying that what is available on the street right now isn’t worth a whole lot of looking. So with that being said last nights TE performances left nothing to be thrilled about. Charles Clay took the starting role in Keller absence. He was abused and more importantly lacked any real focus or appearance of desire to be there. For a player that has been with the team the longest at the position he looked lost in his route running short armed his blocks and flat out dropped passes. At least he didn’t fumble. On an overthrown pass towards the end-zone by Ryan Tannehill home announcer Bob Griese stated on the replay that Tannehill likely threw the ball away rather than attempt to get it to Clay who ran his route with little effort. Or something to that affect. The reality is that Clay looked off. His timing with Tannehill was completely off. On one specific third down play Clay ran a mid-seam button route but when he turned back towards the QB he didn’t stop but instead backpedaled a yard or two more down the field. The ball was knocked away by the underneath corner who would have been blocked out by Clay’s body had he stopped his route like he was supposed to. He later dropped an easy pass completion over the middle with no traffic. If Saturday night was Clay’s chance to shine he failed. If it was his only shot to prove he could handle the role he failed that too. The Dolphins will likely give him more opportunities as thin as they are.