Greg Jennings put his house in Green Bay up for sale. He's an impending free agent receiver the Packers likely won't re-sign. Did everyone think Jennings planned to vacation in Wisconsin in the offseason? Reggie Bush is "unlikely to re-sign" with the Dolphins according to a CBS Sports report, which is likely serving as the mouthpiece for an agent trying to drum up interest in a soon to be 28-year-old tailback playing a young man's position. Jake Long's representatives feel the Dolphins are low-balling the four-time Pro Bowl left tackle, and his camp is reportedly pursuing a $10 million a year contract. Long would be fortunate to land a contract that annually pays him half his $12.8 million salary from 2012 considering he's produced two straight injury-shortened, less than stellar seasons in Miami? This is all posturing, negotiating ploys, leverage plays, and the truth is if you don't understand how to see the Matrix – the NFL's business side - you'll be encouraged to panic. So let me help you put your B.S. (Business Side, I swear) goggles on. I wish every NFL free agent the best because the NFL is a brutal game, one most players will pay for physically when they reach their 40s and 50s. Players deserve to be compensated for their contributions to this $9 billion empire, especially on their second deals. But wake me up when March 9 gets here and teams can formally begin bidding on players. That is when the "I'm walking out the door" price gets offered by a car salesman. The NFL is no different.