One of the more intense quarterback battles of the summer will be with the Miami Dolphins between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen. For a veteran quarterback losing a quarterback battle could be very personal to a second-year guy but it isn’t something that Fitzpatrick is too worried about.

Fitzpatrick knows it’s going to be a competition and he thinks that will bring the best out of both guys.

“I think competition always makes you better, whether it be with yourself, with another guy, with another team,” Fitzpatrick said via Chris Perkins of The Athletic. “Competition, especially for guys out here that are playing at this high of a level, tends to push you and make you even better.”

Fitzpatrick also seems to be enjoying his time spent around Rosen, even though the two are going for the same job. The veteran quarterback says Rosen reminds him of some of the friends he had in college.