Here’s the best way to digest the Miami Dolphins’ decision at quarterback:

Josh Rosen might have the better tools.

But Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better leader.

No Dolphins coach will say it so explicitly, but the subtext has been obvious since Brian Flores named Fitzpatrick the starter last week.

Take, for instance, Chad O’Shea’s response to our question Tuesday about why Fitzpatrick gives the Dolphins a better chance to win:

“I think that Ryan — and this is just speaking of Ryan — he’s done a real good job with his leadership. He’s done a real good job with his communication. He’s an experienced player that has done a lot of the things that we want in a quarterback. He’s done well. I’m excited to see him play. I know that he’s going to rely heavily on the guys around him in this game, and they need to play well for him to play well.”

O’Shea added: “It just doesn’t fall on him; but certainly, I’ve been impressed with his leadership and his overall consistency as a leader, and as a person, I think that that’s something — he’s had some ups and downs in training camp and through the offseason, but he’s really done a good job of having some mental toughness and being very steady in his approach and consistent in his work ethic. Those are things I think Ryan brings — great intangibles. I think that’s something that’s been really good to see in him.”