The Miami Dolphins had just won their opener at Cleveland on Sunday. Center Mike Pouncey should have been elated. Instead he was in tears. He learned going off the field his twin Pittsburgh center Maurkice Pouncey had suffered a torn ACL and MCL in his right knee earlier in the day and would be lost for the season. Mike telephoned his brother and it got emotional. "I couldn't stop crying. It was very deflating" Mike said. "I hate to say it but I wish it had been me instead of him. I love my brother to death. I look up to him. He made me the player I am today. It hit me hard. I wish I was in his place instead." Mike had been talking since the start of training camp about how much he was looking forward to Dec. 8 when the Dolphins play at Pittsburgh. That was to be the first meeting ever between the twins. It's been a tough week for the family with Maurkice getting hurt early in a 16-9 home loss to Tennessee and then having surgery performed Thursday in Pensacola Fla. by noted surgeon Dr. James Andrews. But family members vow they will get through it. Helping matters is what was learned from what the twins' father went through five years ago. On Nov. 24 2008 Robert Webster was working at a feed plant in the family's hometown of Lakeland Fla. and unloading off a train car. The brakes locked up and the car banged into another one. Webster fell between the cars and his right leg was severed and soon had to be amputated below the thigh. "We've had a devastating injury in my family and my dad stayed in good spirits and he got through it" Mike said. "It's a whole family thing. The family got through it. I know if my dad can lose his leg and have good spirits I know my brother can have his ACL torn and still have good spirits too." Webster was with his son in Pensacola for the surgery. He said Maurkice can be helped in his recovery by seeing what he went through. "Oh yeah he definitely can" Webster said. "He's seen me at my worse and he can use that for inspiration to get through what he needs to sustain him." When Webster was injured the Pouncey twins were both starring for the University of Florida which eventually won the 2008 national championship. It was five days before the Gators would face Florida State. After they had visited him in the hospital Webster urged his sons to go play hard.