You know those luxury car commercials where a happy mom or dad discovers a new vehicle in their driveway on Christmas morning? Ted Larsen’s contribution to the Dolphins’ Secret Santa gift exchange was kind of like that — but with far more sun damage. Larsen gave a fellow offensive lineman a car, but one few NFL players would be caught dead driving: A 2000 Dodge Neon, with worrisome brakes and peeling paint. And much to his surprise, somebody wanted it: center Mike Pouncey, who has a small fleet of vehicles. “I think he might just drive it for a couple of days to see if it blows up,” Larsen told reporters Thursday. “... Everybody sort of gives the same gift — iPad and grill — so I thought I would change it up. People actually like it.” Yes, it was a gag gift, but there was some altruism behind it. Two of Larsen’s younger teammates, Zach Sterup and Sean Hickey, do not have a car in South Florida, so Larsen bought it, hoping one of them would claim the gift.