The NFL goes to great lengths to protect quarterbacks because without them the game devolves into pretty much what we see from the Browns' offense every week. But football is also played by some of the fastest, strongest, most well-conditioned athletes on the planet, which means the game moves at astonishing speed and sometimes what looks avoidable upon a second, super slow-motion viewing, was inescapable in real time. That's what Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso is saying in the aftermath of his brutal, dangerous and ultimately illegal hit on Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco during the second quarter of Thursday night's game. Afterward, Alonso said there was "no way" he could have avoided the hit. "When a guy slides, the target is very small. I just think it [Flacco's slide] was a second late, which is why I hit him, to be honest with you, "the linebacker explained, via's Jamison Hensley. "At first I was anticipating I thought he was going to slide. And then it got to a point where I was like, 'I got to him,' because he slid too late."