The flashiest, most-hyped day of the NFL Draft is Thursday. That's when the high-dollar, first-round picks don their new outfits so they'll look good when they stroll across the stage to shake hands with Commissioner Roger Goodell. But the second day, Friday, when the second- and third-round picks are made, is just as crucial to a franchise. In the NFL, the second- and third-round picks comprise a large part of a team's upper-echelon talent pool. And that's an area the Dolphins have failed during the last five years. The Dolphins haven't produced any Pro Bowl-caliber players among their second- or third-round draft picks in that span. Worse, among the 12 total second- and third-rounders they've drafted since 2008, only three are likely to enter training camp this summer as starters for Miami. General Manager Jeff Ireland has grown weary of hearing about the Dolphins' poor results in those rounds during that time. "I am aware of it," he said. "You guys keep me aware of it quite often." The Dolphins have two second-round picks (Nos. 42 and 54) and two third-round picks (Nos. 77 and 82) in this year's draft. In some ways these picks could be more valuable than the first-round pick, the 12th overall. Apparently, the talent pool in this year's draft is deep. "This is a draft people are complaining is not sexy at the top," said NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock, "but I would tell you that there's probably 25 to 35 more draftable players this year than last year. "There's more depth in this draft than I've seen in a while."