When Dolphins Jeff Ireland went on a spending spree in the offseason to secure high-profile free agents like receiver Mike Wallace and cornerback Brent Grimes it was thought (by me at least) that he was making one last-ditch effort to save his job. Now that the team is 3-0 and playing well you could tell Ireland that for now at least his summer was a job well done. Or you could give him a contract extension. Reportedly the team has chosen the latter as the Miami Herald reports that the team quietly gave Ireland a contract extension. And oh yeah this extension reportedly occurred during the offseason. Before the team got off to a hot streak and before Ryan Tannehill showed how much he's improved from last season. Ireland's contract originally was up after this season but now he's secure through the end of the 2014 season. So it's not like the Dolphins have given him a huge chunk of extra time.